A visit to a friend’s place

I’ve been invited by my friend Inah to have a  visit in her provincial home, but too many times I declined.

I’m not kind of person you can drag to go this-that places. I hate traveling BEFORE, but because of this vacation something changes…….

I’m too bored sitting under the shed  mango tree waiting for any vehicle to past by the road in front of me, but nothing comes.

In just a bit, my friend called me to have a bicycle ride, and that’s the fun start.


Having some taking pictures while having  a short rest, then… biking again.

And I enjoy my time kicking on the pedals of that bicycle, and Felling the fresh air of province, a place not knowing the word pollution. I feel that felling like you where born again and having no worries in mind, the breeze of cold wind on my face is indescribably.

And after that bike ride. time for eating.

We cook for our own meal but we don’t have much time to prepare, and cook. so it ended-up eating all fried foods, semi-overfly ……while playing.

After the siesta.

Inah(my friend), called us to have a walk. We go to their tangerine(dalanghita) and mango farm and she acts like our tour guide.

We take lots of pictures ..

and lots of picture…..

in Tangerine farm.

After is the the mango farm

viewing the its greenery.. oh!!! wow!!!


and we spent the rest of the chit-chatting.

That was one day of fun for me,

A rural barangay, in Ibaan, Batangas.

It doesn’t have that beautiful beach, or fancy restaurant,  or lines of bars.

yes! it wasn’t  that typical vacation comes in your mind.

But. All you  need is imagination and good companion.

This vacation  will be kept on my mind. and ihhhhhh….. heart :’)



I added new friend on facebook and found out he’s a blogger too.

funny when I found out that he is an artist. So, I ask him to make me an animated or cartooned image,.

Yep, he’s  an animator. although It’s not look like really me, it’s still fascinating. cool enough to post here. lol

oh!!! and by the way his blog is   http://www.shu-ket.co.cc/

visit it sometime. he’s Indonesian blogger!!!


made by Shu Mhar Thon Nho.


I don’t care how I look here, but as long as its been made for me. Nothing I can do but to Appreciate it =)


Recently, I fell addicted to the pop teens and tweens viral mind.

It’s called fan-sign. one person is writing you’re name in any thing or what so ever….

I asked everyone to make me one. and in a few seconds i got four of them.

Others promised to make me more so this is just a first batch of photos.  >_~Image

This is from Cindy of South Korea. and the other three



funny mind of young people really makes our life more colorful